11/7/2022 Since contacting MSA amounted to no avail, I went and started a GoFundMe campaign, to try and fund the programmer. I came to an agreement with LLC Media Systems, they will make (and service out website for 6 months to debug.).
Here's the text of the campaign:

My name is Iana; I've been trying to replicate our MSA SWAP website for a while now. The cost of writing it anew comes down to about $4000. I'm willing to pay $1500 out of pocket. Please help me to raise the rest of the money, so we can start swapping, aka free shopping, once again.
I will keep all the records and display them publicly on www.mysubscriptionswaps.com. If I cannot collect the whole amount, the refunds will be made, and everyone will get their money back.
We all know how it is: all the beauty products are wasted in our cabinets and drawers. Let's unite as a community and create a new subscription beauty SWAP site!
Everyone who donates over $100 will become a VIP member and get a 2-year subscription. Everyone who donates a substantial amount gets to be named one of the founders and have a free subscription for life.
When/if the site starts making income (from subscriptions or ads), I will refund everyone who has donated here. In the end, I intend to give all the money back.
And now, it is time to press that FUND button https://gofund.me/1ba485c2 and make it all happen!
Heartful thanks for all your support and kind words,
Yours, Iana

To fund our website please go to: https://gofund.me/5f557649


10/16/2022: I intend to start another conversation with MSA, see if they're willing to sell the Swaps program for a "chunk of cash", so to speak. If we are able to work out a deal, I intend to start a FundMe.com page to fund the buy. Please voice your comments through the Contact Me.

I tried to replicate the MSA Swaps in a few different ways.
1. Myself. Since my coding skills aren't as advanced as they need to be to be able to code such an advanced program, this attempt failed. So did my self-esteem :D
2. Hire a programmer. The result is non-existent. They either can't do it, or charge too much, compared to my budget.
3. Rent or buy a program from the MSA.
I was replied my mr. Nick Shah. While my first estimation of the cost was erroneous, I did try again. This time offering to pay 50% of any and all profits I may acquire from the website, since making it free was no longer an option. And I offered a downpayment of $1500. Mr Shah replied, offering me to buy it for $1500. I responded as soon as I saw the email, giddy with joy. To no avail. Mr. Shah hasn't responded to any more of my messages.
As of right now, I no longer believe I'm able to re-create the Swaps.
I can make it a Blog, with subjects being the items. And we can talk and swap. Which is a much poorer way of doing it, than a good running program, of course. At least something.
Please sound off in the contact us form.
I'm so sorry I was unable to make true to my promise. I wasn't resourceful enough, not smart enough, and not a good enough conversationalist, I guess, with MSA.
I miss swaps dearly and want them back. Sorry that my confidence wasn't enough. Now there's a pile of stuff just getting dusty in our cabinets.

About stuff getting dusty. I just received (10/12/2022) a promotional Wonder Box from Enfamil. Since I don't have any babies, I would like to forward it to anyone who emails me a priority mail label (medium flat rate box will do) and I can forward it to you. Includes two powders, and a 6-bottle box, along with a nipple. Everything is sealed. Comes with a bunch of Enfamil coupons, and gift cards for all your other baby's needs. Please let me know. Since I also started receiving promotional Enfamil emails, my best guess is that all is good and wholesome.
If interested, please put a subject as ENFAMIL, and I will give you the email to send the label to. I can also send you some beauty products as well. Hate wasting them swap-less.
  • San Diego, CA, USA